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The impressive skyline and amazing beaches are the most memorable things about Miami, Florida. It’s among the most loved and adored vacationing spots for families and individuals worldwide.

Even people living in Miami, Florida, can’t stop talking about the great yacht charters and great recreational water sports. Don’t forget to book a private yacht charter in Miami whether you’re alone or with family/friends.

Party yacht rental in Miami and other locations nearby make it worth the cost for nearly all vacationing groups. Whether you’re taking a half-day or full-day trip, our cheap yacht rentals in Miami can suffice all demands.

Offering an array of yachts for various charter destinations around Miami, Florida, we keep all our clients happy and satisfied. Keep reading to learn more about affordable yacht rental services at Miami Beach.

How to Rent a Yacht in Miami?

Renting yachts, jet skis, and boats in Miami isn’t so difficult. You can easily rent one of our amazing yachts, jet skis, or boats for your upcoming vacation. Once you’re in Miami Beach, visit our official website and give us a call right away. We will surely book your favorite yacht, whether it’s Sea ray or another. We also offer unique boat charters in Miami Beach, Florida, and around South beach.

Our boat rental in Miami is the most affordable yacht rental in Miami. You can check out further details on our official website. There are a lot of places that you can visit once you’ve vacationed at Miami Beach. You can visit places like Key Biscayne Bay, Star Island, Coconut Grove, and more. The bayside marketplace is where most tourists find beautiful souvenirs and things to take home.

Jeanneau 40"

Half Day $1200, Full Day $2000
12 Guest

Axopar 27"

Half Day $600, Full Day $1000
7 Guest

Jeanneau 38"

Half Day $1200, Full Day $2000
12 Guest

Gran Turismo 48"

Half Day $2000, Full Day $3200
13 Guest

Neptunes 60"

Half Day $1800, Full Day $3000
13 Guest

Atlantis 65"

Half Day $2200, Full Day $3500
13 Guest

Azimut 80"

Half Day $3800, Full Day $5000
13 Guest

Sea Ray 60"

Half Day $2500, Full Day $3500
13 Guest

Party Boat 40"

Half Day $1300, Extra hour $250
22 Guest

Azimut 115"

Full Day $13000
13 Guest

How Much Does Renting a Yacht In Miami cost?

To rent a yacht for a day in Miami, you will require a list of Miami yacht rental prices. However, we can help you figure out the cost of a boat rental in Miami and yacht rentals. Call us today and learn about the prices we offer for different types of yacht charters, including Sea ray yachts. Many tourists don’t know how much to rent a yacht in Miami for. However, our experienced customer support representatives can help you plan the best charter for your vacation in Miami, Florida.

Contact us today and learn about our yacht charters, among the cheapest rentals in Miami Beach and South Beach, Florida. Our goal is to keep the quality consistent and satisfaction high when you’re enjoying your favorite water sports.

On another note, the average price of a half-day yacht charter can be around $600 to $2200, while a full-day yacht charter can cost from $2000 to $13000.



Best yacht rentals in Miami! We are in the business of providing experiences for a lifetime! Rent your yacht today, experienced, friendly and professional captains and crew!


Each yacht comes in fully stocked with Ice and complimentary bottles of champagne. Our experience captains will ensure you and your guests have the full MIAMI experience.


Our yacht comes with all the perks! Jet skis and water toys are available! Give us a call today and one of our friendly staff members will be able to provide you with a quote!

Are There Overnight Yacht Rentals in Miami?

Depending on your requirement and the type of yacht charter you choose, including the number of charter destinations, the prices of yacht rentals in Miami, Florida, can vary significantly. Therefore, it’s best to talk to one of our expert representatives at Sunny Water sports. We offer overnight yacht rentals in Miami Beach without any hassles. Some of our full-day packages can cost up to $13000, while others cost only $2000.

On the other hand, we offer 20 person yacht rentals in Miami. You can also discuss the number of passengers for your booked yacht charter with us. Furthermore, we will let you choose a range of amenities to make the charters safe and fun. Don’t worry! We also offer licensed and highly experienced yacht captains if you don’t know how to commandeer a vessel.

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Why Sunny Watersports Miami Yacht Rental?

Our fleet of Party Boats come complete with catering & service. Plan your office events or private parties accordingly.

Top Shelf Entertainment on the water is what we do best! Browse through our selection of South Florida’s finest Luxury Party Yachts cruising from Miami, Miami South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton & the Palm Beaches.

You choose the yacht, the dock, the food menu, the bar of choice, the entertainment and the cruising area. Entertainment options on the water can include small personal combo bands, dancers, singing groups, multi-piece large pop or classical bandstands and celebrity hosts.

Our Charter Specialist can suggest popular themes such as “Casino Royale” or “Carnival Miami” or assist in bringing to life a unique personalized theme of your creation.

Minimum food and beverage packages will apply on all yacht rentals.

How Much for Weekend Yacht Rental in Miami?

You can book a party yacht rental in Miami with Sunny Water sports. We offer all kinds of amenities that typically go with a yacht rental. The prices of yacht rentals are reasonable for all types of customers, and we are always open to discussion when you want to book a relaxing experience in Miami, Florida.

You can look at our official website and learn about the weekend rental prices for yacht charters. A typical yacht rental for weekends in Miami, Florida costs around $1500-$5000.

Safety Tips for Yacht Rentals in Miami Florida

Sticking to some safety precautions and remembering a few helpful safety tips can make your yacht charters even more fun and exciting. Here’s what you must know even if you’re alone or with friends and family:

  • Don’t perform any aerobic or water sports activity without someone watching, especially when the yacht is surfing across the water.
  • If you’re renting a huge yacht, make sure you’ve viewed the yachting map once to learn where everything is.
  • Take a safety course before boarding and encourage others to do the same as well. It will help you stay attentive if things get troublesome.
  • Keep a report about the weather conditions and future forecasts, especially for the time and day that you’re planning a yacht charter vacation.
  • Make sure you discuss all the amenities and hire a captain if no one in your group has experience commandeering a vessel like a yacht or a boat.

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The Conclusion

If you’re looking for a quality experience in Miami, Florida, and you already have a passion for water sports, you can contact us today. We let tourists rent a boat, get on jet skis, and surf through the sapphire waters of Miami Beach on private yacht charters.

Our goal is to make you happy and keep the quality of our service consistent for as long as possible. Offering premium-quality service at affordable rental prices in Miami makes us one of the unique Jet Ski, paddleboards, and yacht rental service providers.

Give us a call now and get a booking to enjoy Miami, Florida, to the fullest. From a full weekend yacht hire to overnight party boat rentals, we can suffice various demands and calculate the most pocket-friendly packages.

Check out our official website and get the best prices for yacht rides in Miami.