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Why drive around in a circle from the beach or go on a typical boring Tour?
Embark with us on a “Magical Journey” you and your family will remember for a lifetime. Miami Jet Ski Rental offers an Adventure like no other through Miami’s famous azure waters. Prepare to see Miami and the Beaches through a different lens.

From Sea-Doo rentals in Miami to boat rentals and yacht charters at Miami Beach, we tend to declare ourselves among the most customer-oriented businesses. It’s tough to find rental companies with low-cost rentals in Miami Beach, Florida.

We make sure that all our services are as per the customers’ requirements and that you have maximum fun in taking a sightseeing tour while on the blue waters of South beach Miami, Florida!

Are you visiting Miami Beach, Fl, or still planning to do so? You can enjoy the best Jet Ski rental in Miami with our amazing rental services.

It’s never too late to experience the thrill of joyriding a Jet Ski while also experiencing a rush of saltwater spray on your face. The blue and sparkling water along the coast is something that most visitors and tourists can never get enough of. Surely, no tourist or visitor in Florida can deny Jet Ski tours of Miami.

But, there are so many rental companies and why should you choose us? Well, we have the answer to that question and many more. Our boat tours, yacht charters, and Jet Ski rentals in Miami are the most reasonably priced services.

Our Jet Ski Miami prices are near the average prices requested by most rental companies in the area. However, the best part involves premium-quality service and an excellent range of amenities that no competitor can promise.



If I could I would give this company 10 stars... the entire experience was absolutely amazing. The boat was stacked with drinks and our captain was awesome!


My wife and I rented Jet Skis during our trip to Miami from Sunny Watersports. Booking with them was very easy and I would definitely recommend them to anyone!


I rented a yacht for my friends bachelor party from these guys and all I can say is that they are true professionals. We went to an island had a great time, the music system was great!


Why Rent A Jet Ski In Miami?

Do you know that some people love going for an all-day Jet Ski rental in Miami? Well, what are the reasons behind going for water activity like Jetskiing in Miami? More importantly, why should you opt for an activity like that? Interestingly, having fun on your vacations near the South beach coast can be cost-effective with Jet Ski rentals. Who says that you can’t cruise around in luxury yacht charter or premium-quality boat rental without spending a ton of money? With our impeccable list of services, along with the water vehicle fleet, we can ensure maximum fun at every turn and jump of your ride! You can opt for a family or friend’s adventure with the best Jet Ski rental companies in Miami. We are the prime choice of many families and friend groups despite many rental companies in the area. We allow our customers to have safe adventures and race events across the sapphire waters of Florida. Since we’ve employed licensed and professional captains, you don’t need to carry licenses to take a “freedom ride” around the port of Miami. Another major factor that suggests why opting for Jet ski rentals in Miami is fun and exciting is that professional-level services aim to keep riders safe. Our approach involves guiding and providing a short training session to inexperienced Jet Ski drivers before they’re off on the waters!

Do You Need a License to Ride a Jet Ski in Miami?

It’s a common question asked by most visitors and tourists that are looking forward to a thrilling adventure on the best Jet Ski rentals in Miami.

You must know that there are guided tours available with our Jet Ski rentals and boat rentals in Miami. Instructors with special training and experience can accompany you on your tours across the waters.

Our spotters and captains have all the necessary Jet Ski operating licenses along with those applicable for operating boats and yachts.

You can rest assured that you will have a hassle-free experience once you’ve booked with our Jet Ski rental services in Miami.

If you’re interested in hiring the best Jet Ski rentals in Miami, give us a call at our official contact number to speak with a representative.

We have hired the most informative and compassionate personnel to answer all your questions regarding our services, amenities, and safety issues.

Jet Ski rental – Frequently Asked Questions

Will You Be Responsible For Damage to A Jet Ski During Rental Services?

If the damages were a result of your carelessness or actions, you will be charged for it by our supervisors and experts.

However, our additional safety prep and sessions are enough to keep you away from such nuisances.

Do You Need Qualification or Licenses to Operate a Jet ski in Miami Beach, Florida?

No, you don’t require a license or qualification to operate a Jet Ski on rent in Miami Beach, Florida.

We can prep you and send a professional captain along with you for a safe adventure.

Can You Take the Jet Ski Anywhere?

While certain areas are off-limits and our rental services will mark a specific boundary for you, you can still take the Jet Ski anywhere within the specified area during a “Freedom Ride”.

How Much Is Jet Skiing In Miami?

Jet Ski rental prices in Miami are quite high on average because many rental companies deploy highly trained and educated experts on guided tours.

Furthermore, the licensing and registration as a certified Jet Ski rental and luxury yacht charter services provider usually cost companies a bit in terms of the establishment. But, we have been serving the Miami Coast for quite some time and are well-versed in the requirements of most visitors and tourists.

We tend to care for our customers by keeping the prices low and the quality high.

On average, cheap Jet Ski rental in Miami Beach, FL will cost you around $100 to $130 an hour.

On the other hand, extremely high-end Jet Ski rental services can be as costly as $200 to $300 an hour! While offering high-quality services, we keep our rates cheaper so everyone can enjoy sightseeing tours of Miami Beach.

It’s worth mentioning that the price of a rental can typically change. The respective change could be a result of add-ons or amenities inclusion. Here are some of the many amenities that we offer to make your experience one of the best:

  • Licensed captains
  • Foods, drinks, etc.
  • Freedom ride rental options
  • Additional safety devices and equipment
  • Life jackets

So, when you’re thinking, “where to Jet ski in Miami?” you can call us to learn about our ongoing coupons and promotional offers on boat and Jet Ski rentals Miami, FL.

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