Paddle Board Rental in Miami

What’s Paddle Boarding (SUP Surfing)?

Paddleboarding or SUP in Miami is the fastest-growing outdoor activity. SUP is a type of paddleboarding where you have to stand on the paddleboard while paddling. Paddleboarding itself is a broad concept where you stand lie, or kneel on the board and move forward with the help of a paddle.



Various locations in Miami offers a remarkable paddle beach kayaking and paddleboarding experience. If you are planning to have tours in Miami, you should include stand up paddle board Miami on your to-do list. Miami is a perfect location to enjoy kayaking and paddleboarding water sports. It allows you to connect with Mother Nature and witness wild and marine life.

Paddle Boards Rental Prices

1 Hour $65
2 Hour $110
4 Hour $190

The best way to enjoy paddleboarding at Miami Beach is by doing a rental. Let’s take it as a trial run before purchasing a SUP board.

The average cost of our stand up paddle for an hour is $65. If you want to enjoy the Miami skyline for 2 hours, you can rent the board for $110. And for 4 hours of the rental, you have to pay just $190.

You can bring your own paddleboard, but paddle board rentals Miami beach makes more sense. Imagine flying for the vacation on a plane with a 10 to 12-foot paddleboard.



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Additional services

Kayak & Paddleboard Delivery & Take AwayiPaddle delivers your kayaks and paddleboards to any location in Miami-Dade county with safe and legal access to the water. We also have a growing number of public access launches available for you to choose from. All Kayak delivery and Paddleboard delivery include life jackets and paddles and optional waterproof bag. Book your delivery online or by calling us.

Where to Paddleboard in Miami – 5 Great Places

If you are thinking of where to paddleboard in Miami, then here are some outstanding locations you should visit on your vacation. These locations will give you some memorable times at Miami Beach.

1. South Pointe Beach

South Pointe Beach offers stunning panoramic views from the South Beach shoreline. If you want to spend some quality time with your family or friends, you can head to South Pointe Beach for stand up paddleboarding. Paddleboarding is not suitable for professionals, but beginners can also have a great experience at South Pointe Beach. They can enjoy the Miami skyline, warm water, and soothing wind.

2. Pelican Harbor Marina

If you want to have the best kayak and paddleboard experience, you should head to Pelican Harbor Marina. It is an incredible location for these water sports as it contains a ramp. Moreover, the location has warm water and gives you a calm and soothing experience. Whether you are with your friends and family or alone, you can enjoy your time paddleboarding at Miami Beach.

3. Miami River

Miami River is one of the best destinations where you can paddleboard with consistency. The calm water and glassy waves are suitable for advanced and beginner paddleboarders. Furthermore, this is a less-visited location perfect for the night tour.

4. Biscayne National Park

Biscayne Bay is a beautiful island and state park with an impressive Miami skyline and ocean view. Many paddle board rental Miami services are available on this beach. It has an extensive mangrove forest, where you can explore wildlife with your partner. If you want to rent a paddleboard or Kayak, you can contact us. Furthermore, we also give tour guides to tourists.

5. Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is an ideal location for paddleboarding in Miami. The crystal clear water at this beach is a perfect place for recreational purposes. When you will visit this beach, you will notice people on their jetskis, kayak, and paddleboard, enjoying the weather and incredible view. Morning is the best time to SUP Miami.

6. Florida Keys

The Florida Keys has 115 miles of paddleboarding trail with calm and shallow waters. This indicates that stand up paddle boarding is safe in this location for any level. The location witness many sporting events and competitions. While paddleboarding through the Florida Keys, you will find a wide range of natural habitats such as coconut palm trees. Furthermore, the sunset near Marathon looks stunning, especially when you are paddle boarding.

7. Pelican Island

Pelican Island is a small island with peaceful and quiet waves. If you are on a vacation with your family, this is the perfect place to paddleboard. At shores, you will experience shallow waters, but if you want to go deep, you can paddle away from the island. Imagine taking a night tour of this island with bright stars and cold wind.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Paddleboarding in Miami

Want to learn more? Here are some FAQs:

1. Is it safe to paddleboard in Miami?

Miami is a great place to experience paddleboarding because of the warm and clear water. Furthermore, calm waters allow you to enjoy your time to the fullest in this tropical paradise.

2. Where Can You Find Paddleboards in Miami?

You can contact the paddle boards rental service in Miami. If you don’t have your paddleboards, you can contact Sunny Water Sports and have a great experience in Miami

3. What is the Cost of Paddle Board Rental Miami?

The cost of paddleboard rentals varies from rental services. If you want to rent a paddle board in Miami at a budget-friendly price, you can contact us.

Our paddle boards rental ranges from $65 to $190.