Useful Tips for Renting a Jet Ski

Jet Ski at Sunset

Looking for the perfect Jet Ski beginners guide to prepare for your planned adventure? In Miami Beach, you will find a lot of places to enjoy Jet Ski rentals and similar water sports activities.

However, one of the main things that most people, including tourists and sightseers, forget is the importance of preparation.

You can prepare through professional training, watching others, or even reading some effective tips. Riding a jet ski for the first time means you will have to go at a slow speed and maintain a safe distance from nearly everything around you, including other Jet Skis.

It’s an exciting water adventure, but if you’re not too careful, you can end up paying heavy medical bills and with some long bed rest. To make sure activities like jet skiing using the best watercrafts such as Sea-Doo Spark remain thrilling and safe at the same time, check out the beginner tips below.

Jet Ski Tips for Beginners – Prepping Jet Ski for Dummies

Before you get on a Jet Ski, make sure you get the safety prep, control talk, and tips from the professional rental business you’re dealing with in Miami Beach, Florida. Ensure the presence of legal documentation and a Jet Ski driving license (if you’re riding solo).

Depending on the manufacturer, the controls can be very different on Jet Skis. So, try to stick with a particular make and model of the said personal watercraft if you’re a first-time Jet Ski rider.

You have to learn its controls preemptively, along with docking your Jet Ski with instructions. Make sure you read the following tips and incorporate them correctly on your adventure. The following tips can also be helpful in preventing severe injuries in case you fall.

Jet Ski Tips for First-Time Riders

We have compiled a long list of useful tips on how to use a Jet Ski for your first thrilling sea adventure.

Check out the following Jet Ski beginner tips for a safer adventure.

Learning the Falling-Off Technique: To Dodge Heavy Injuries and Damage

We will begin by learning the right way to fall off a Jet Ski to ensure personal and others’ safety. It may sound silly, but it’s an adage about riding Jet Skis at Miami Beach. Falling off a jet ski the right way is important to save you from injuries that could either be too painful or last a lifetime.

Keep yourself strapped to the modern Jet Ski that you’re riding. Note that the modern tech and powerful running mechanisms installed in the latest Jet Skis make it slightly difficult to fall off the right way.

You should avoid leaning in a direction that would cause you to land face first or head first to the lower end of the Jet Ski. Plus, the propeller is probably running, so you will have to lean in the opposite direction.

In case you have to fall, make sure you leave the safety lanyard key attached. The right way to fall off is to jump in the opposite direction to where the Jet Ski is headed and make sure the safety key is pulled.

Keep the Safety Lanyard On

The safety lanyard is the “kill switch” on the Jet Ski. In case you fall without any preparation or awareness, the key will remain attached to you. As you fall, the Safety Lanyard will trigger the kill switch, and the Jet Ski will lose throttle. This way, you can ensure others’ safety and enable yourself to get back aboard.

Don’t Ignore Life Jackets

You shouldn’t ignore the importance of a life jacket. Whether you’re riding with someone experienced in operating Jet Skis or not, make sure you have the perfect life jacket on in case you fall.

Life jackets are essential for all kinds of water sports.

Stick to the Passenger Rating

Do you think that it’s okay to take multiple people on a Jet Ski? Well, even the most powerful Jet Skis in the world have a passenger rating and warning in case you decide to jump wake. You should know that carrying more than recommended passengers increases the chances of accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

Maintain a Safe Distance from Other Jet Skis

It’s best to maintain a safe distance from others when operating a Jet Ski for the first time. Even if it’s your hundredth time riding a Jet Ski, you should consider staying at a safe distance from other water vessels. If you can’t maintain a safe distance, level yourself at a slow speed.

Adhere to No-Wake Zone Signs

It’s potentially dangerous to jump wakes that are too big. That’s because you will have more air time, and that increases the chances of landing hard on the water.

Some beaches and designated zones in blue waters at Miami Beach have no-wake signs. They advise you to operate at a slow speed when passing through the specified area to prevent forming wakes. Besides, not following those rules can cost in the form of a penalty.

Avoid Drink and Drive on a Jet Ski

One of the best pieces of advice you will find in this Jet Ski beginners guide is to avoid drinking and driving. Operating a Jet Ski for the first time can trigger adrenaline and a lot of excitement.

Make sure you don’t fall prey to false instincts and have too many alcoholic drinks before riding the Jet Ski. It’s an old adage that can cost you in terms of physical health, life, and money.

Jet Ski During the Day

Even if you’re an experienced Jet Ski rider, make sure you maintain a noticeable profile while riding across the blue waters. At night, it’s difficult to spot Jet Skis, and that’s when large recreational and relaxing vessels are at sea.

So, try to book a Jet Ski rental during the day because, time after time, riders have ended up hurting themselves while riding at high speeds at night.


Every year, many people get hurt and suffer from minor to major injuries due to one common reason: not using the right instructions to operate a jet ski for the first time. This causes such individuals and those around them to face disastrous outcomes. You should respect the power of Jet Skis and the blue waters you’re surfing on.

Beginner jet ski riders should maintain a safe distance, ride a jet ski at slow speed when necessary, and avoid any high speed turns or activities that can cause fall damage.

To experience a thrilling yet safe ride, you can stay close to an experienced instructor. For that, you will have to find the perfect Jet Ski rental company as per your requirements.