Do You Need Insurance for a Jet Ski in Florida

Do You Need Insurance for a Jet Ski in Florida

The long and chilly winter is past us, and the sea is finally heating up. In Florida, thousands of people are already looking forward to celebrating the warmer season and making the most out of their Jet Ski and boating adventures.

However, one of the main questions that trouble people is whether or not they should opt for PWC insurance for their personal watercraft (i.e., PWCs).

If you can’t make up your mind about personal watercraft insurance, this post will enlighten you with the required information.

So, do you need insurance for a Jet Ski in Florida? In simple words, getting Jet Ski rental insurance isn’t mandatory. But, it’s better to get insurance than wave it off to save costs.

What is Personal Watercraft Insurance (PWC Insurance)?

PWC insurance is similar to car and other types of insurance. The only difference is that it involves you and your personal watercraft, which can be a boat or Jet Ski.

PWN insurance offers coverage and insures that your PWC is in case of accidents, liability, and vandalism. Hence, you can ride smoothly without worrying about serious repair and replacement costs.

What Does PWC Insurance Cover?

It operates similarly to car insurance. However, most Jet Ski rental insurance companies in Florida will offer you the following coverage options based on the type of personal watercraft you have:

Towing and Wreckage Coverage

This type of coverage will cover Jet Ski insurance costs regarding towing and removal of the watercraft from the water in case it sinks or becomes inoperable.

Furthermore, this type of coverage also includes cleanup costs if necessary.

Collision Coverage

In the event of an accident with another personal watercraft such as another Jet Ski out of a Jet Ski rental business or a boat, the collision coverage will include the repair costs.

Liability Coverage

The liability insurance coverage includes payment of damages in case you damage another person’s property.

It also provides coverage for medical treatments of another person in the event of a serious accident or injury caused by your insured Jet Ski.

This type of insurance coverage is extremely helpful in case of a legal dispute involving your personal watercraft. It will offer coverage for legal and court fees during proceedings.

Comprehensive Coverage

In case of vandalism, theft, harsh weather conditions, or fire damages, affect your personal watercraft. Comprehensive coverage will include repair payments.

What a PWC Insurance Doesn’t Cover?

Just like you should know that it covers, you should also remember what it doesn’t.

Here are some typical examples of what PWC insurance doesn’t cover:

  • Any accident or operation taking place after dark (dusk to dawn) – However, this condition can vary from one mutual insurance company to another.
  • Any personal watercraft such as a boat or Jet Ski that’s been modified to improve performance and speed.

Is Personal Watercraft Insurance Mandatory in Florida?

Before you ask “how much is Jet Ski insurance in Florida” or even “what does boat insurance cover,” learn if it’s mandatory or not. While some states require you to have PWC insurance, it’s not mandatory in Florida to have insurance for jet skis.

You will have to look for various components inside a boat/jet ski insurance policy. The best types of PWC insurance cover property damage, personal liability coverage, and so on. The personal liability coverage for your personal watercraft is necessary if you want to get full replacement value.

While it’s not mandatory, it can cover medical bills for injuries that are a result of Jet Ski or boat collisions. The medical bill coverage might also come in if someone gets injured by falling over the boat or Jet Ski.

Do You Need Insurance for a Jet Ski?

In simple words, it’s not mandatory to have insurance for a Jet Ski in Florida or any other type of personal watercraft. However, it’s a rational decision considering a lot of high-speed watercraft are prone to frequent accidents and damages.

You will need Jet Ski insurance for a number of reasons, including the coverage it offers. For instance, Jet Ski insurance covers medical bills and treatments of the involved parties regardless of who’s at fault. Furthermore, the types of coverage can vary from one insurance provider to another.

If you’re a business owner, you should look up Jet Ski business insurance. The types of coverage that you can use to your advantage are worth considering.

You can get repair coverage in case of accidents, collisions, vandalism, and theft. You may even get full replacement value if you apply for insurance within the period of purchasing the Jet Skis (usually one or two years).

What Does Jet Ski Insurance Cover

Here’s a list of damages, repair, and replacement issues that a reliable Jet Ski insurance will cover:

  • Storm damage
  • Collision damage
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Fire damage
  • Submerged object collision
  • Personal injury costs
  • Other person’s medical bills (liability coverage)

How Much Does Jet Ski Rental Insurance Cost

The Jet Ski insurance costs vary from state to state. If you’re opting for a private insurance company in Florida, the costs might be higher. However, the costs of deductible and premiums won’t be as high with a mutual insurance company.

The costs will also depend on the make and model of the Jet Ski or personal watercraft that you’re trying to insure, along with the manufacturer.

Moreover, additional factors include the age of the Jet Ski, location, and purpose (for personal recreational purposes or rental business purposes).

On average, you can expect to pay nearly $500 or more per year for comprehensive coverage of your Jet Ski. On the other hand, it can cost you $85 to $100 or even more for yearly liability coverage.

Do You Need an Insurance When Renting a Jet Ski in Florida

In Florida, you will have to insure all your Jet Skis if you’re running a rental business. Offering customers long hours of Jet Ski rides backed up by insurance will keep you safe from unexpected costs. Remember, we’re talking past Seadoo insurance and Waverunner insurance.

All types of Jet Skis (excluding modified Jet Skis and boats) can get insured by a reputable insurance company in Florida. Should anything happen to your rental Jet Skis, including an accident or act of vandalism, proper insurance will offer the necessary repair coverage.


If you want to own a Jet Ski for care-free surfing across the ocean, it’s best if you opt for Jet Ski insurance after learning the necessary information.

From requirements and coverage conditions to Jet Ski insurance costs, make sure you learn about everything before applying for insurance.

Hundreds of accidents take place on the sapphire waters of Florida, and many of them either involve boats or Jet Skis. Most Jet Ski rentals across South Beach have already opted for commercial Jet Ski rental insurance to protect the rider’s and company’s interests.

So, make sure you make a wise decision because going on thrilling Jet Ski rides is only fun when you have proper coverage.