Can You Jet Ski While Pregnant

Can you ride a jet ski while pregnant

Can you ride a jet ski while pregnant? It’s a common question that most unprepared and uninformed people usually ask when they’re on tour.

Of course, no one can deny the appeal and adventurous thrill of physical activities such as riding a jet ski. South Florida’s beaches offer deep blue waters, so it’s only natural that people overlook their complications and health issues just to enjoy jet skiing at high speeds along the waves.

However, you should know that in the case of expectant mothers, healthcare specialists and gynecology experts will recommend avoiding jet skis at all costs.

Hitting the water at high speeds and falling into the water at high impact can all be injurious to the fetus. Let’s take the discussion even further and discuss why skiing while pregnant is dangerous.

Can You Go Jet Skiing While Pregnant?

Some experts suggest that a pregnant woman may go on a Jet Ski ride at slow speeds that involve a bump-free experience. Still, that would pose a serious threat to the unborn child.

Typically, boating while pregnant or being in a highly comfortable and safe personal watercraft is allowed for expectant mothers. You can rent a yacht for a day at Sunny Watersports at the best price and enjoy the safe water activities in Miami.

On the other hand, riding a Jet Ski at high speeds against strong waves or even slightly bumpy waves can present a noticeable amount of physical threat to the body of pregnant women. The bumpy and not-so-smooth water rides, even at slow speeds, can risk the health of the unborn baby.

Can You Jet Ski While Pregnant In a Safe Way?

You should know that regardless of how safe the experience is, the pregnant woman will still be on top of the ocean and having a bumpy ride across the water.

Whatever the body of the mother feels will have an impact on the growth and health of the unborn child.

So, here are a few tips to consider for an extremely bump-free and slow speed Jet Ski ride for pregnant women:

Riding with a Partner

The partner can be anyone, including a husband, brother, father, or even the instructor. The requirement of riding in tandem with an instructor cum Jet Ski partner is to make sure the pregnant woman gets as much space to stay on the watercraft comfortably. Being comfortable, adjusting the body, and riding a Jet Ski at the same time isn’t so easy.

Another major benefit of this is that when a pregnant woman falls off while riding a Jet Ski, the instructor or partner on the watercraft can pick them up and help them onboard. This will prevent the pregnant woman from straining her back, which is typically not a good idea.

Wear a Life Jacket

This is a complete no-brainer. Even fully healthy, athletic, and experienced Jet Ski riders wear a life jacket just in case the watercraft becomes faulty or if they’re injured and can’t swim.

With the risk of falling off a Jet Ski, a pregnant woman should avoid riding them in the first place. But, if all goes as planned, they must wear a life jacket.

Stay at Slow Speeds

Try surfing on the peaceful side of the ocean where there are no strong waves and less risk of landing with a high impact.

When you have precious cargo like an unborn child on a jet ski, it’s a must to ride at slow speeds.

Who Else Shouldn’t Get on a Jet Ski?

Many health issues and medical conditions can restrict people from getting on a Jet Ski or trying similar physical activities.

To help you learn whether or not you should ride a Jet Ski, here’re a few health issues to look out for:

  • Chronic anemia
  • Cardiovascular disease(s)
  • Blood system diseases
  • Placenta low insertion issue
  • Uterus hypertonia

Common Types of Injuries That Could Affect a Pregnant Woman

  • Whiplash
  • Burns
  • Head Injuries
  • Severe Concussions
  • Crushed Limbs
  • Broken/Fractured Wrists


Pregnant women can participate in numerous physical activities that can be beneficial for their physical and mental health and the baby’s. For example, a pregnant woman may consider renting a kayak in Miami – it will be safer than jet skiing. Another good idea for pregnant women is paddleboarding.

However, riding Jet Ski doesn’t exactly fall under the category of “safe water adventures.”

We say that in regard to pregnant women because they’re at risk of experiencing pelvic area issues, abdominal pain, and other types of symptoms as a result of harsh Jet Ski rides.

Even with proper safety gear, an instructor, and slow speeds, you will still have to remain careful and considerate.